How to be Pretty Good… at Philosophising

This one isn’t all that difficult, but it certainly is one of my favourites. It’s actually quite simple, but we’ll get to that. What is philosophy? It means to go a little deeper and want a little more.  Maybe you have that friend with the great advice. The wordy friend who always has something interesting to say about anything. Maybe you dislike said person and wish she/he would keep their wordy mouth shut (and maybe this post isn’t for you) but maybe you wish that you too could pull out something that packs a bit more of a punch every now and then. I’d love to suggest it’s as easy as a little drinking and a little late night time spent with your typewriter, but often that is not the case. Often something a little deeper is needed to trigger that little philosophizing part of you – and believe me, from the least to most complex of us; that part […]

How to be Pretty Good… at Cooking Chicken

Let’s start off with an easy one. Cooking chicken should be straight forward. Pan + chicken + salt/pep = delicious, yes? Well, if you are like me, you have this irrational fear of raw chicken. Did we grow up with this? Is that a thing? It seems as though most of the time we worry about seeing a little pink so we cook the shit out of it. Then we end up with dried-out bits on the chicken and maybe even some seared-Cajunesque marks. Well, no longer my friends, no longer. Maybe you already know this. I did not, and I spent a substantial amount of years cooking the heck out of chicken to ensure that I was not going to serve pink chicken to anyone. Not anymore. When I cook chicken I do so in a cast iron skillet. I have not tried this in other skillets, but I think you would still find good results. That said, go […]

But It’s a “Lifestyle” Blog?

You’re Super Delightful. Round two. YSD was originally started in November of 2010. It was vaguely updated for the first year, and then things kicked in to high gear in October 2011. It was a blissful 8 months. Actually, that is not entirely true. It was not blissful. The blog was an outlet, it served its purpose delightfully, and after its purpose I pushed it to the side while I moved forward. I took it offline (does anything ever really go offline? Doubt it) but kept the domain. Jump ahead four years, and here we are. Back at it. You can’t take a good blog down. That sort of thing. Previously YSD had a lot of recipes, assorted reviews, and general “hey this is what’s going on” updates. Since it came down, I have spent a heck of a lot of time perusing all sorts of different blogs. Fashion blogs, recipe blogs, lifestyle blogs. Suffice to say that the general […]

And So We Begin…

Get a website they said, coming soon she said…. Right. Well, it has been almost 6 months since I initially put this website out on the interweb and in this time, it hasn’t changed much. So many great ideas have popped into my head, along with directions to take it. What’s the hold up? Valid question. Originally I thought I would blog about life, this, that, + the other thing. But I kept questioning myself on what direction I was going to take this in that would make it different than all the other blogs that currently feature food, crafting, whims, etc. I couldn’t pin down what I could do to stand out. This is a question that plagues me in almost any venture I stick my toe in to. I try to imagine my audience and what they would be most interested in hearing of. I think of the blogs and websites that I frequent most and question what […]